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Meeting point: Dam Square

Every Saturday


Join us on at Beer Amsterdam when a local guides shows you the hidden bars and best beers of town

Amsterdam not only has the world most famous beers but also tons of local breweries.With the beertour of Amsterdam we will visit several bar’s where the guide will explain the historic relation with beer in Amsterdam. While you join some of the best special brewed beers here in town.

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One of my favorite Dutch cities, also known as little Amsterdam. Its proximity to the sea (where I like to kitesurf) and its lovely cafe & restaurant culture make Haarlem a really pleasant city to visit.

With Free Walking Tour Haarlem, we take a walk in the old part of town to explore its riches. It’s not a history class though, as we will also learn about the cool places to hang out and poke fun at crazy urban myths. The city is perfect for walking tours, because the city center is almost totally car-free and carefree!

Come and join us on the Free Walking Tour of Haarlem, where we tell you all you need to know about this great small city.


Since I was a little kid, I loved visiting Haarlem. The beautiful architecture catches your eye from the moment you arrive, with Haarlem Central train station. Or no, even before that. From within the train, you see the big old beautiful dome. My eyes grew big when my grandpa told me that it was a prison! The building had a different purpose now, for a very good reason… A lack of prisoners!

The Teyler’s museum and the Frans Hals museum are two must-dos for visitors who come for a day, but one of the best things about this city is the beautiful nature around. Riding my bike alongside the dunes and across the fields is the perfect way to make my head empty after a busy day of guiding. Definitely worth it, if you’re staying multiple days and are not afraid of potentially bad weather 😉


Haarlem is hands down my favorite city, not too far from the beach and not as big as Amsterdam! Being the perfectly located city to live in, I am happy to show you around my beloved town!

During the tour, I will explain why Haarlem never gave in to the Spanish, what historical event happened during a tulip auction in 1637 and where you can get the best beer around town.

Join me on the Free Walking Tour Haarlem and I will tell you why this city is the one I love the most in the world!

See you soon!

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This tour includes

Craft beer tasting

3 small craft beer as a tasting at a local brewer in Amsterdam. With the tasting we explain how the beer is made, and what you need to make a good craft beer.  After seen the local brewery we tast the beer we have just seen made! 

Dutch Snacks

What do dutch people eat with a beer? Of course chees and bitterballen but why? And why is it called a bitterbal when it is not bitter at all? 

Heineken story

How did Heineken became so famous? The family of Heineken is one of the most ritch famlies of The Netherslands, but even in this save counrty the Mr Heineken got kitnapt.

2 Dutch beers 

We start the with a tipical Dutch beer and end with the most famous beer in the world

Beer tour Amsterdam is the beer tour where locals show you around in a city full of bars en breweries. Amsterdam has a great history with beer,

Geschiedenis van bier

Heineken zo groot geworden is

Bier brouwers trend

This tour includes:

3 diffrent bar  location
2 beer + one beer brewery tasting of 3 smaller beer
Kopstoot <– ask the guide
2,5 hour great guiding form a Dutch local friend

The tour is form 16:00 pm till 18:00 pm and we end at a Bar/Restaurant where there is a option for diner.

Great beers, good stories & good times!


Free walking tour Haarlem
start location free walking tour haarlem

“What customers say about this company”

We have done a private tour in Haarlem, great guide nice tour. You realy get to know the city better when you explore it by foot! You see more a specially because it is all pretty small.

Would absolutely recommend to book a tour when you arrive in Haarlem.

Steve Houghton

Haarlem is a great smaller place and with the perfect for a walking tour. The city center is almost without cars so really relaxed to walk around.

The tour is great as everything is within walking distance! Strongly recomend to book a tour!

Famke Groenland

Little Amsterdam is what Haarlem is also called! I like it so much because of the hidden gems that are hidden every where. A guide for that is great, otherwise you won’t notice. I also like the story of the invention of the book writer!

Do this tour and let yourself be amazed by this wonderfull city Haarlem

Dennis Ansing