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Meeting point: Dam Square

Every Saturday


Welcome to Beer Amsterdam tours

The Netherlands is host to a large variety of local breweries with unique and wonderful beers. Encompassing everything from small brew houses crafting traditional dubbel beers all the way to one of the worlds most popular pilseners.

Come join our friendly and knowledgeable guides as they take you on an in depth tour of some the best bars this beautiful city has to offer.

We will explore the historical impact the breweries have had upon The Netherlands. Discover what it is that the Dutch people enjoy to eat alongside their favorite beers.

And of course, sample some excellent beer!

Our Guides


As a Amsterdamer Beer is one of the oldest drinks of the city. In the old days the canals where not as clean as they are today, so what did people mostly drink instead? Beer! Lots and lots of beer. But is was not as strong (and cold) as todays Beer.

I like the Beer tour, because in old Amsterdam there are some unfamiliar bars with a great history and story! To go there and show people the history and beer culture of Amsterdam is a great start of your evening!

So join me for a great tour with lots of stories and good beers!


Living in Amsterdam for some years now and it has been a great beer discovery so far! All the small pubs, breweries and great choises of beer! It became more as a hobby to try it all.

As the intrest in the history of Amsterdam and it’s beer grew I started to give tours to friend, and now as a guide. Join my tour and we will drink the best craft beer there is here in town. Brewwed by local breweries.

Good times with Kyle


As a bartender I could never stop talking about beer, loving the history form Amsterdam I became a tourguide here in the city. This was great work, but my love for beer was to strong, so I joined Beer Amsterdam to combine the work and become a beer guide!

The craft beers in Amsterdam are great, but the stories that most beer have are even better. Join me on my tour as we explore the history of Amsterdam and its realtion with beer.

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This tour includes

Dutch Snacks

In The Netherlands no beer is complete without something “lekker” to nibble. Almost all bars offer a full range of snacks. Our guides will go through the menu and explain the importance of “borrelhapjes” to Dutch society. We will introduce you to the wonderfully tasty bitterballen, and indulge in some amazing finger foods ourselves. 

Craft beer tasting

Our guides will lead you to one of Amsterdam’s locally loved breweries. Here we will delve into the excellent world of Dutch craft beer, and it’s rise to popularity in The Netherlands. Your guide will explain the different traditional brewing processes and ingredients, as we sample 3 freshly brewed local beers.  

Heineken story

How did Heineken become an internationally recognized brand name? The Heineken family have put there name on much more than just a beer, creating one of the richest families in the The Netherlands. But even they, in the safety of Holland, have fallen victim to a nefarious crime.


Introducing the Dutch kopstootje or “headbutt”. This is the drink that gave birth to what the English would later call gin, known in The Netherlands as Jenver. It is a juniper flavored spirit which has been stilled in The Netherlands since the 1500’s. Traditional, strong, tasty and an excellent way to start a tour!  

This tour includes

Beer Amsterdam is a craft beer tour, where we share the stories and history form beer in Amsterdam, join us to explore the special bars from Amsterdam. The Dutch guides tell the Beer history and the stories that go with it! We make different stops at places with a story. Join this tour to know how beer is made, what makes the Dutch beer special, why Heineken is such a big brand and how it al started.

From the beer history & breweries today it is all in this tour.  Join this tour for a good finish of the day and great start of the evening!

This tour includes:

3 diffrent bar  location
2 beer + one beer brewery tasting of 3 smaller beer
Kopstoot <– ask the guide
2,5 hour great guiding form a Dutch local friend

The tour is form 16:00 pm till 18:00 pm and we end at a Bar/Restaurant where there is a option for diner.

Beer Amsterdam for good beers and great stories


“What customers say about this company”

Had an awesome afternoon sampling local craft beer. Max, our guide, was great and nothing was too much trouble. Very knowledgable on all things Dutch, and gave us a lot of good tips for around the city. We ended up visiting bars and breweries we would never have know existed.

If you like craft beer, book this tour!

Steve Houghton

I purchased this beer tour as a gift for my boyfriend. We had a blast! Max our guide was very knowledgeable and friendly and the people we met on the tour were a lot of fun. I would definitely do this again. Great tour for anyone wanting to explore a different side of Amsterdam whilst and having a fun night out. Thanks Max!

Famke Groenland

Our guide Tim was very well organized, fun and extremely knowledgeable when it came to the science of beer. The bar selections were spot on and and the local dutch beer was excellent. I definitely know more about beer now than I did before the tour!

Dennis Ansing

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